The "True" Italian Espresso

The "True" Italian Espresso

Over time, many have become accustomed to drinking espresso from very long.

Before the summer, a homecoming seems indicated, especially for those who go on holiday in Italy.

Looking back at both the source and root of espresso, we "re-discovered" that espresso is a delight, with both smooth, nice complexity of taste and pleasure of the real tasting can be done only small cup.

Ethical Coffee Company decided to bring even more attention to the real way to enjoy an espresso ... as in Italy.

We worked our blends, our craftsmen have been eagerly but also any possible pleasure.


For a true espresso.... 

The next time you enjoy espresso in one of our capsules, made especially careful to enjoy your espresso in a small cup, ideally filled to 2/3, you can go up to 3/4 cup small if are preferred.

Indeed, and that is the beauty of the coffee capsule, the design of this type of espresso was, at base, exclusively dedicated to the true Italian espresso.

Thereafter, marketing forces, the "Lungo" appeared.

If you go to Italy, and you say to a professional can make a Lungo with only a little more than 5 grams of coffee Barista, you look most certainly pensively...

In fact, you should know that the "Lungo" is a way to "bastardize" which was created to be enjoyed in a small cup.

We tend to forget, try ... you'll be pleasantly surprised, and pleasantly surprised by this rediscovery.

For a long coffee....

If you really want to take a long cup in the morning, for example, simply do as the Italians.

Use one or two capsules of your favorite variety, pull in "short mode" ... and lengthen until the desired amount, simply by pouring clean water in your machine. This is how the Italians do.

The reason is simple. Once the amount of approximately the equivalent of a small cup, passed through your capsule, then what comes out is a "wash" coffee already checked.

This "wash" contains a lot of cellulose which contains more flavour. The clear water, and warm of course, coming directly from your machine, it, in turn, is totally clean.

You can indulge yourself in an experience that is both fun and enlightening. Put a cap in your machine, take hold of two small cups, and run a "long" coffee.

During the flow, with the cup held by your left hand, let the coffee flow to about 2/3 of the height of the cup, go immediately another cup under the coffee keeps flowing, and laissez-faire also up 2/3 of the height of the cup.

Then take the time to enjoy what there is in the cup, which was held by your left hand, then go to the cup that was held by your right hand.

Uplifting, you will see.

This little experiment can realize that in fact, the true flavours, creaminess ... in short, all the "good things" happen's in your coffee cup between the beginning of the extraction and the cup filled with 3 / 4, at maximum.

In short, no pun intended ... not very end I grant you ... :-) true and the best way to enjoy a real espresso is to take short cup.

Moreover, it is certainly why you've decided to buy a machine using coffee capsules.


Jean-Paul Gaillard



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