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Here at Honest, our mission is simple. To supply New Zealanders with Coffee that is of higher quality than any of its competitors. In the worlds only 100% biodegradable capsule. We have mastered this by the exclusive distribution of Ethical Coffee Company capsules. Given that billions of capsules are sold each and every year, it was only a matter of time before the aluminium and plastic packaging started to take its effect on the environment. Made from plant based materials, our capsules biodegrade 1.5 years earlier than an orange peel. We understand that time is precious, but everyone has a conscience.  This is why we do not expect you to do a special recycling trip just for your  used capsules. Simply put them in your general waste bin or compost waste and they will do the rest for you. Honest is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.


Capsule Info


Innovation and technology at the service of taste

The Ethical Coffee Company Research and Development teams have made a dream come true: capturing the quintessential Italian espresso experience in an environmentally-friendly biodegradable capsule.

Whether you prefer the term coffee capsule or coffee pod, this innovative procedure is essential for preserving the flavour of coffee.
Our unparalleled extraction technique releases the inimitable taste of authentic espresso into your cup, to be savoured, time and time again, in the comfort of your home.


The Interesting Stuff

We are 100% compatible with all nespresso machines.

After three years experience in developing a unique biodegradable capsule, Ethical Coffee Company continues its rapid expansion. Its ambitions remain unchanged: to offer retail distribution of coffee with a quality higher than any other pod on the market, using a biodegradable capsule.

The selection of the beans and the traditional roasting methods, join forces to make a capsule that produces barista-quality coffee. Everything is done to ensure the very best espresso experience. 

In May 2010, Kurt Salmon Associates carried out a blind tasting survey in France on a sample of 131 consumers. The study found that a majority of consumers preferred our Capsules, over all other espresso varieties that were presented to them.

Our Capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines. 



Ethical Coffee Company capsules are made primarily from plant fibres and starch which breaks down in the environment approximately 6 months after use*.

Once you extract the premium coffee into your cup, simply throw them out with your household rubbish or put them in your organic waste bin.

*European standard EN 13432


The Environment

Packaging waste forms the largest proportion of total waste collected. Our aim is to reduce the production of household waste at the source, we do this by supplying a pod that is biodegradable. What comes from the earth returns to the earth.

Recycling is often an interim solution. It requires collection, sorting and transport infrastructures, which are all energy-hungry processes. In many cases, the environmental impact is negative or no better than simply "throwing away" the packaging as normal. The city of Paris is now setting an example by promoting composting over recycling.

Our capsules do not require any complicated sorting or recycling. They smply do the work for you by returning to the earth on their own accord.

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