Feel Good Discovery Pack - FairTrade/Organic

Feel Good Discovery Pack - FairTrade/Organic
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This Discovery Pack is a little bit special. 


Inside you will receive our two certified FairTrade/Organic blends:

  • 5 x Lungo Supreme - 50 capsule
  • 5 x Lungo Classic - 50 capsules


The feel good "Long Black" of the summer

The real essence of a Lungo in the perfect balance between the best coffee beans from both Central America and Eastern Africa. The strength of the aromas is enriched with fruity notes and a hint of acidity.

This Lungo Supreme offers a smooth and velvety cream.

LUNGO 4/10

This authentic Lungo is made up of the worlds finest Arabica and Robusta beans. Characterised by a slightly fruity bouquet, a touch of acidity all balanced perfectly by an underlying hint of hazelnut. It will tingle your senses with its delicate yet intensely smooth texture.

Originating from Peru and Africa, its extremely silky body and great subtleness will certainly be enjoyed by palates appreciating refined and gentle flavours. Its flavour reaches full expression between a 60 and 80ml extraction. 

These blends are certified FairTrade and are Organic Agriculture labeled products. They are not generally sold online and are this offer is available for a limited time only.



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